Lasertec specializes in the development, manufacture, sale, and service of semiconductor-related equipment, products for higher energy efficiency and better environment, laser microscopes, and flat panel display-related equipment.

Semiconductor-related equipment

Systems used to inspect and measure defects on semiconductor photomasks and wafers

Our inspection and measurement systems play a crucial role in the semiconductor manufacturing process, which is becoming more complex and sophisticated by the introduction of new materials and new structures as well as by the continuing miniaturization of IC designs. Our mask blank inspection systems have a track record of being regarded as the de facto standard mask blank inspection tool. In addition to mask inspection systems and mask blank inspection systems, both of which constitute our core business, we offer various wafer inspection and measurement equipment, such as lithography process inspection system and coating thickness non-uniformity inspection system.

Products for higher energy efficiency and better environment

Systems used to inspect and review SiC and transparent wafers

Next-generation power semiconductors have diverse applications, including electric power system (smart grid or next-generation power distribution system), railway, office equipment, and consumer equipment. “SiC-based power semiconductor” is an energy-efficient semiconductor that reduces power loss to a fraction of the current level and is expected to replace silicon-based semiconductors in the future. Our SiC wafer inspection and review system can detect defects that used to be undetectable, such as various crystallographic defects and nanometer-scale shallow pits on substrates. The system meets the requirements of SiC wafer production and contributes to the improvement of yields.

Flat panel display (FPD)-related equipment

Systems to inspect defects on FPD photomasks

Lasertec provides state-of-the art mask inspection systems that facilitate innovation in FPD technologies. Our FPD photomask inspection systems have a track record of being regarded as the industry’s de facto standard tool. We keep improving our defect detection performance to stay in line with the adoption of increasingly smaller patterns on FPD photomasks. In this way, we are making significant contributions to the improvement of photomask quality.

Laser microscopes

Hybrid laser microscopes

Our laser microscopes are widely used for the observation and analysis of various materials and components at the forefront of R&D efforts.
Our laser microscopes support R&D and quality control in a broad spectrum of industrial fields. Their applications include semiconductor materials, transparent films, coating materials, inorganic and organic materials, various biological samples, metal parts, and plastic components. Our latest model, OPTELICS HYBRID, is a state-of-the art microscope featuring both color confocal optics and 405nm laser optics, together in one body. The color confocal optics provides high-definition, full-color imaging with a wide field of view while the 405nm laser optics features high resolution at high magnification. By integrating the two optics, we offer a capability that covers the whole range of observation and measurement needs.