We at Lasertec take actions that facilitate environmental protection in order to keep our irreplaceable planet Earth safe and clean for the future generations.

We observe the following action guideline as part of our corporate social responsibilities to customers, shareholders, communities, employees, business partners and other stakeholders:

Action Guideline

We, as a good citizen seeking harmony of business activities and environmental protection, will:.

  • Promote purchase and sale of environmentally sound products;
  • Keep improving our environmental management system;
  • Comply with environmental protection laws and regulations as well as all other pertinent requirements; and
  • Beware of risks of environmental impacts and strive to reduce those risks to the global community.


  1. 1.Conservation of energy
  2. 2.Conservation of natural resources
  3. 3.Reduction of wastes and emissions / Promotion of recycling
  4. 4.Protection of workplace environment
  5. 5.Control of hazardous material use in products