Our Views

Our philosophy

Our corporate philosophy since foundation is "Create unique solutions. Create new value." We are striving to increase our corporate value by successively launching products that help us achieve customer satisfaction and contribution to society. We recognize that this effort is essential to meet the expectations of all stakeholders including customers, shareholders, local communities, employees, and trading partners.

Our activities

We are engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities to discharge our social responsibility for stakeholders. We have established policies and guidelines such as "Corporate Action Guideline," "Environmental Protection Policy," and "Occupational Health and Safety Policy" to promote CSR activities for global environmental protection, occupational health and safety, healthcare, and others.

CSR Activities

Lasertec is engaged in the CSR activities described below.

Environmental protection
See the Environmental Protection Activity section.
Occupational health and safety
See the Occupational Health and Safety Activity section.
Quality control and product safety
We establish a quality management system to ensure that we offer high-quality, high-performance, and safe products to customers.
Information security
We take utmost care to protect confidential information and personal information in accordance with our information security rules and internal information management rules.
Fair trade
We conduct fair trade with trading partners on an equal footing. We do not abuse our superior position, nor do we participate in cartel or bid rigging. We do not commit bribery or insider trading, nor do we give any benefits to anti-social forces. We respect free market competition and do not engage in undue trade restrictions.
Crisis management
We put in place a business continuity plan (BCP), crisis management rules, emergency procedures, and crisis management and public relations manuals so that, in case of disaster or accident, we can protect our employees against the danger to life and physical harm and ensure business continuity and stable product supply.
Elimination of inhuman treatment and discrimination
We strive to eliminate abuse, harassment, oppression, and corporal punishment. We do not tolerate racial, gender, age, religious, and other discrimination.

Guidelines and norms we follow

We are expected to engage in CSR activities throughout the entire supply chain. The expectations and requests of our stakeholders are becoming more diverse and complex, as seen in the recent rise of interest in such issues as respect for human rights and measures against conflict minerals. In this respect, it has become more important than ever to engage in activities by following the international CSR standards and guidelines.

We are actively promoting activities that are, in addition to meeting the Corporate Action Guidelines of Lasertec, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) supported by the United Nations Global Compact and the RBA Code of Conduct*1 established by the Responsible Business Alliance.

  1. *1The RBA Code of Conduct is a set of standards on social, environmental and ethical issues in the electronics industry supply chain. The standards set out in the Code of Conduct reference international norms and standards including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ILO International Labor Standards, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, ISO and SA standards, and many more.

Corporate Action Guideline of Lasertec

  1. 1.We never cease to make the efforts of R&D and innovation to create high value-added products for customers. We strive to be a company that continues to grow with customers and society.
  2. 2.We, as a good corporate citizen, comply with laws and regulations, act in accordance with the articles of incorporation and social norms, conduct fair trade and proper business activities, promote environmental protection, and contribute to the progress of local communities.
  3. 3.We communicate with customers and society at large in a timely and appropriate manner and disclose corporate information proactively and fairly.
  4. 4.We respect our employees' human rights and personality, and strive to make our workplace healthy, safe, fair, hospitable, and full of job satisfaction.
  5. 5.We manage the assets and rights of our own as well as of third parties’ in a strict manner, never infringe on them under any circumstances, and use them fairly. We also take all possible measures to ensure information security.
  6. 6.Our top management, board members, and department managers act in accordance with this action guideline in an exemplary manner, establish an internal structure for its implementation, and keep all concerned parties fully informed.

Environmental Protection Activity

Environmental Policy

We are actively engaged in environmental protection activities in the hope that this invaluable planet will be handed over to the next generation in as good an environmental condition as possible.

Action Principle

  1. 1.We strive for pollution prevention by continuously improving our environmental performance and management system through efforts involving all employees.
  2. 2.We promote environmental protection by reducing the environmental burdens and risks of our business activities through the following actions.
    1. (1)Save energy and resources
    2. (2)Reduce industrial waste and promote recycling
    3. (3)Design products that help reduce the environmental burden of customers
  3. 3.We comply with environmental laws and regulations, and other requirements we agree to meet.

Environmental Goals

50% waste recycling rate  5% energy saving in 3 years

Occupational Health and Safety Activity

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Keeping all our employees safe and healthy is our top priority, and we strive to make a hospitable workplace for them.

Action Principle

  1. 1.We consider the prevention of accident and disaster to be an important management issue.
  2. 2.We set the goals of OHS (occupational health and safety) based on risk assessment and keep making improvements to prevent injury and disease.
  3. 3.We comply with laws, regulations and guidelines concerning OHS.
  4. 4.We try to reduce OHS risks in our business activities.
  5. 5.We give proper OHS training to keep all our employees and partner companies fully informed and educated.
  6. 6.We review our OHS activities periodically and keep them updated so that they are appropriate for the purpose.