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Wafer inspection/measurement

Wafer Edge Inspection SystemEZ300


For wafer edge yield management and process error analysis

Wafer Bump Inspection and Measurement systemWASAVI Series BIM300


For accurate 3D measurement of bump shapes and wafer periphery quality control

TSV Back Grinding Process Measurement SystemWASAVI Series BGM300

Direct and speedy measurement of Si thickness, TSV depth and RST before and after TSV back grinding process

Lithography Process Inspection SystemWASAVI Series LX330

Macro inspection system for wafers at the 20nm node and beyond

MURA/Film Inspection SystemWASAVI Series MR300

High sensitivity inspection system for thickness/surface shape variation of wafer in its thinning process for BSI and of resist application and color filter/lens shape forming in image sensor manufacturing processes

Wafer Inspection/Review SystemMAGICS Series M5640

High sensitivity defect inspection/review system, implementing minute defect detection required by the next generation processes

Mask inspection/measurement

Mask Inspection SystemMATRICS X810EX Series


Mask inspection system for 20 to 10nm design nodes and beyond

Mask Inspection SystemMATRICS X810 Series

Mask inspection system for semiconductor devices at 20nm node and beyond

Photomask Inspection SystemMATRICS X700HiT Series

Photomask inspection system for semiconductor devices of 28nm node and further

Photomask Inspection SystemMATRICS X700 Series

Photomask inspection system for semiconductor devices at 45nm node and beyond

Pellicle/Photomask Particle Inspection SystemPEGSIS P100

A high speed and high sensitivity particle inspection system compatible with photomasks for semiconductor devices with 90nm node and further

EUV Mask Backside Inspection and Cleaning SystemBASIC Series

Integrated solution for detection, height measurement and cleaning of particles on the backside of EUV masks

M8350/M8351Maskblanks Inspection System MAGICS Series M8350/M8351

Mask Blanks inspection system for 10 nm technology node and beyond.

Maskblanks Inspection SystemsMAGICS Series M6640S/M6641S

Maskblanks Inspection Systems that achieve both high sensitivity and high throughput simultaneously

Maskblanks Inspection SystemMAGICS Series M6610

Maskblanks Inspection System simultaneously achieving high sensitivity and high throughput

EUVL Mask Substrates/Blanks Inspection SystemMAGICS Series M7360

An EUVL Mask Substrates / Blanks Inspection System Jointly Developed with SEMATECH

Phase Shift/Transmittance Measurement SystemMPM193EX

Phase shift and transmittance of Phtomask become measurable after cleaning and pellicle mounting

Phase-Shift Measurement SystemMPM248

A de facto standard phase-shift measurement system for KrF wavelength

DUV Mask Review StationMRS248

Defect review with high resolution after defect inspection


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