Hybrid Laser Microscope OPTELICS HYBRID+

HYBRID achieves true
usability by adding
by adding advancedplusfunctions
while retaining its high performance and multifunctionality
performance achieved
in various modes of measurement and observation required
for a confocal laser scanning microscope
Industry-leading Wide FOV
Industry-leading High speed measurement
Industry-leading High precision measurement
ONLY ONE Wavelength selection
ONLY ONE Auto measurement
ONLY ONE Auto inspection
A single platform that is highly versatile,
offering 6 functions to address a variety of needs
HYBRID+ offers 6 functions from a single platform - two types of confocal optics, differential interference contrast, vertically scanning white light interferometry, phase shift interferometry measurement, and spectroscopic reflectometry film thickness measurement. It addresses a variety of needs that would normally require the use of multiple tools.
White light confocal
Laser confocal
Differential interference contrast
Vertically scanning white light interferometry measurement
Phase shift interferometry measurement
Spectroscopic reflectometry film thickness measurement
Customizable for the whole range of applications, from R&D to production
Different models and options are available, including standard models and systems for production process.
HYBRID+ is customizable to meet your specific measurement needs.
Standard model
Unit with special stage
Prototype for production application
System for production process
Production process
Confocal System Solution Department
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