HYBRID Laser Microscope



Offering 6 functions to address a variety of needs

HYBRID+ offers 6 functions from a single platform - two types of confocal optics, differential interference contrast, vertically scanning white light interferometry, phase shift interferometry measurement, and spectroscopic reflectometry film thickness measurement. It addresses a variety of needs that would normally require the use of multiple tools.

Meeting industry-leading specifications and achieving high precision

HYBRID+ achieves industry-leading performance of laser microscopes for various observation and measurement applications.

Offering a variety of measurement, analysis and support functions for superior usability

LM eye, the measurement and analysis software of HYBRID+, offers a variety of functions that assist your smooth operation.

Automated operation for higher efficiency

Lasertec offers the best solution to your measurement needs, regardless of whether it requires a standard tool or customization for your production process.

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