Automated operation for higher efficiency


LIBRA is a software program that enables automated measurement in conjunction with a motorized stage as instructed by the recipes prepared by users. A recipe is a collection of information necessary for measurement such as sample size, alignment, measurement locations, autofocus, pattern matching, and calculation method. Recipes can be saved in a file format. You can perform qualification judgment by setting thresholds in your recipe.

The operation screen of LIBRA is shown in the picture below. The actual steps of operation are described as a measurement flow. When you read a recipe in the program and start it, the program will automatically perform measurement and display a list of measurement results.

Bump auto measurement

Measurement of about 400,000 micro bumps on a 300mm wafer

You can use LIBRA to automatically detect and measure bumps. LIBRA sets users free when measurement is performed, allowing them to use the time to perform other tasks.

Micro bumps auto measurement

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