Meeting industry-leading specifications and achieving high precision

High precision measurement

The precision of measurement is indicated by accuracy and repeatability. Accuracy means how close a measurement result is to the true value. Repeatability means how small a variation exists among multiple measurement results. HYBRID+ achieves industry-leading accuracy and repeatability in the measurement of both horizontal length and height. HYBRID+ demonstrates superior performance in the long-term stability of measurement precision.

The precision of measurement
Accuracy ±[0.02×(100/magnification of objective lens)+L/1000]μm
Repeatability(3σ) 0.01μm
Accuracy ±(0.11+L/100)μm
Repeatability(σ) 0.01μm


HYBRID+ is calibrated traceably based on national measurement standards. If requested, we will do pre-shipping calibration or calibration in the customer's operating environment. Inspection and calibration certificates are issued at the time of calibration. You can rely on HYBRID+ for your quality assurance needs.


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