GaN Wafer Inspection and Review System



Detecting various GaN wafer defects faster and enabling high-resolution defect observation



  • Confocal optics - best suited for transparent wafer inspection - eliminates the effect of noise from the backside of the wafer
  • Differential interferometry captures shallow-scratch and various crystallographic defects with high sensitivity
  • Wavelength selection by light source and optical filters enables the inspection of wafers with GaN-on-SiC or other hetero-epi structures under optimal conditions, unaffected by thin-film interference
  • Advanced image processing technology enables inspection which is unaffected by GaN surface morphology
  • High-speed inspection at 6 minutes per 6-inch wafer extends use to the production phase
  • Defect mapping, defect classification, and marking functions support defect analysis


  • Bulk GaN wafer inspection
  • GaN epitaxial layer (homo-epi and hetero-epi) inspection
  • Analysis of changes in defect characteristics before and after heat processing in the device making process
  • Management of the epitaxy process and processing tools
  • Management of grinding material development and grinding processes


Dimensions 3,052mm (D) x 3,250mm (W) x 1.990mm (H)
※Including maintenance space
Wafer size Up to φ8 inches
Applicable wafer types Bulk GaN, homo-epi and hetero-epi GaN wafers
Inspection time 6 minutes per wafer (φ6 inch wafer, with 10x lens)

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