SiC Wafer Inspection and Review System



  • Concurrent inspection of various surface defects and Epi layer BPD/SF
  • High accuracy Automatic Defect Classification (ADC) by virtue of ultra-high resolution review images
  • High throughput (10 WPH with 6 inch wafer)


  • Incoming and outgoing inspection of bare SiC wafers and SiC Epi wafers
  • Monitoring of SiC polishing and epitaxial growth processes
  • Management of SiC device manufacturing processes


Applicable wafer size (inch) φ4, φ6, φ8
Applicable wafer type Bare SiC wafer and SiC Epi wafer
Throughput 10 wafers (φ6 inches) per hour
Surface inspection Optics Confocal DIC optics
BPD/SF inspection Optics PL imaging optics
Excitation wavelength 313nm, 365nm, etc.
PL wavelength NIR, NUV, VIS, etc.

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