Pellicle Inspection and Pellicle Mounting System for CLIOS



Enabling the automated inspection and mounting of pellicles while linking with FPD photomask inspection system in the production line


  • This one system completes from inspection to tentative and final mounting of a pellicle.
  • By connecting this system with CLIOS, particle adherence on photomasks and pellicles is remarkably reduced.
  • Equipping of an ionizer keeps clean environment preventing particle adherence and prevents productivity deterioration caused by re-mounting of pellicles.
  • The jigs for clamping a pellicle are stored in a stocker by different sizes and various sizes of pellicles can be appropriately processed, accordingly.
  • Exfoliate paper is peeled off without excess stress due to detection of tensile strength at the clamping position when a pellicle is pulled out from the transport case.
  • Alignment operation is available, while mounting a pellicle, by measuring the distance between the mask edges and pellicle edges by CCD cameras set at four positions.
  • High operability is realized by equipping an automatic particle inspection function on a pellicle surface, a review function, a function to eliminate particles by Air Blow and a function to reverse the front and the back surfaces.
  • This system works effectively for quality management and defective pellicle analysis, besides Good/No Good verification, because the detect particles can be observed either under bright view or under dark view and image data of particles can be storable.
  • After tentatively mounting a pellicle on a photomask, the pillicle / photomask is transported to a nearby press machine. In the press machine, a number of sucking pads that utilize atmospheric pressure are installed at regular interval and final mounting of pellicle can be performed by application of constant pressure and time.


  • Automated transfer and mounting of pellicles in FPD photomask production process
  • Particle inspection on a pellicle surface by reflective scattering light (Quality verification inspection of a pellicle)


Pellicle size 1146mm x 1366mm (1220mm x 1400mm Pellicle size for a mask)
Inspection speed ≒50mm/sec
Inspection width =180mm
Scattering light detector Optical fiber coupling PTM*
*Optical fiber coupling photo multiplier tube
Particle size for inspection ≒10µm
Inspection area Pellicle surface inside the pellicle frame by 5mm

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