FPD Photomask Inspection System

CLIOS G10 Series


  • Inspection and defect review of photomasks up to Generation 10.5 (2000mm x 1800mm)
  • Sophisticated defect detection algorithm and high-resolution database for high-sensitivity inspection
  • Simultaneous execution of die-to-die and die-to-database inspection (Combination mode)
  • 30% shorter inspection time (compared with the conventional model) by introducing a newly designed stage and a high-speed defect detection processing unit
  • Fully-automated processing by SECS/GEM


  • Inspection of Generation 10.5 photomasks during manufacturing and for pre-shipping quality assurance


Applicable mask size 800mm (W) x 520mm (H) to 2,000mm (W) x 1,800mm (H)
Sensitivity 0.4µm ※Sensitivity check masks will be used for sensitivity assurance.
Inspection time 8 hours (1,760mm x 1,600mm)
Mask type Half tone mask, gray tone mask, binary mask
Dimensions 5,600mm (W) x 2,000mm (D) x 3,100mm (H)
Weight Approximately 10,000kg

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