Phase-Shift and Transmittance Measurement System



Phase shift and transmittance of Phtomask become measurable after cleaning and pellicle mounting



  • Measurement performance is remarkably improved as a successor system to MPM193 Phase Shift Measurement System that has been a de facto standard in the industry.
  • Masks with pellicle mounted can be measured.
  • Auto inspection function is significantly improved compared with that of the conventional system.
  • Phase Shift measurement over micro area of 1μm scale or less is possible.
  • Autoloader and mini-environment with chemical filter are standard components.


  • Phase shift measurement of phase shift mask (PSM)
  • Transmittance measurement of attenuated or half tone PSM
  • Mask defect review (Option)


Measurement wavelength 193nm
Measurement repeatability 0.2°(3σ), 0.04% (3σ)
Substrate size 6025

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