TSV Back Grinding Process Measurement System



Direct and speedy measurement of Si thickness, TSV depth and RST before and after TSV back grinding process



  • TSV depth measurements based on a combination of Lasertec-proprietary interferometer and IR optics.
  • Applicable to measurements in both pre- and post-back grinding processes.
  • BGM300 provides an optimum solution for back grinding process.


  • Silicon thickness and TSV depth measurement prior to the back-grinding of TSV wafers
  • Remaining silicon thickness (RST) measurement after the back-grinding of TSV wafers
  • Detection of abnormal adhesive thickness of bonded wafers.
  • Silicon thickness measurement after the back-grinding/thinning of BSI wafers


Dimensions (mm) 1,450mm(W) x 2,650mm(D) x 1,885mm(H)
Applicable wafer size 300 mm wafer
Applicable wafer type Bonded TSV or BSI wafers
Measurement in TSV back-grinding process
Measurement in BSI back-grinding/thinning process

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