Wafer Inspection and Review System

MAGICS Series M5640

MAGICS Series M5640

High sensitivity defect inspection/review system, implementing minute defect detection required by the next generation processes


*"MAGICS" is an abbreviation of Multiple image Acquisition for Giga-bit pattern Inspection with Confocal System.


  • High-sensitivity inspection of killer defects such as PID, shallow scratch, COP, and SF.
  • High-throughput inspection thanks to 63 scanning laser beams and a specially designed high-speed XY stage.
  • High-sensitivity inspection of mirror-polished wafers, epitaxial wafers, SOI wafers, quartz wafers and other film-coated wafers.
  • High-speed high-resolution review of defect images based on confocal optics.
  • Dust-free marking by diamond indenter for easy navigation and analysis using different tools such as SEM and AFM.
  • Wafer handling selectable between the following 2 alternative methods:
    - For outgoing and incoming inspection of wafers: Edge grip, non-back-contact chuck.
    - For evaluation and analysis of wafers: Vacuum chuck applicable to wafers of multiple sizes (6, 8, and 12 inches)
  • Handling of FOUP, FOSB and open cassettes


  • Evaluation and improvement of wafer manufacturing process
  • Outgoing and incoming inspection of wafers
  • Development of polishing and cleaning materials


Wavelength of inspection light source used for inspection 532nm
Maximum inspection sensitivity 50 nm (for inspection of PSLs on mirror-polished wafers)
Inspection time 22 minutes per wafer (for 300 mm-wafers, normal scan)
Review time 2 seconds per defect

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