Mask Blanks Inspection and Review System

MAGICS Series M6640S/M6641S

MAGICS Series M6640S/M6641S

Mask blank inspection system that achieve both high sensitivity and high throughput simultaneously



  • MAGICS series model featuring high sensitivity required for inspection of mask blanks as well as high throughput suitable for outgoing and incoming inspection of mask blanks in production.
  • Multi-beam scanning method using 63 beams based on confocal optics, the core technology of the industry-standard MAGICS series inspection system.
  • Special inspection circuitry attuned to detection of smallest defects.
  • Inspection of pinhole defects on MoSi or Cr film with a dramatically higher sensitivity compared to the conventional system, enabling the selection of higher quality mask blanks.
  • M6641S has an added capability to perform inspections in Dense Scan Mode (higher sensitivity mode) and Line & Space pattern inspections, thereby making an effective tool for various process management at mask shops.
  • Applicable to a variety of cassettes including multiple-slot cassettes (for blanks manufacturers), RSP, and MRP (both for mask shops).


  • Inspection of quartz substrates, Cr films, MoSi films, half-toned films, and resist-coated mask blanks
  • Review of defects on these advanced mask blanks


Wavelength of Inspection light source used for inspection 532nm
Inspection sensitivity φ50 nm (PSL on quartz substrate, normal mode)
Inspection time 12 minutes per plate (normal mode, Inspection area of 142 mm x 142 mm)
Applicable substrate 6025

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