New Product: Maskblanks Inspection Systems MAGICS Series"M6640S/M6641S"


Lasertec now announces commercialization of new cutting-edge Maskblanks inspection systems, "M6640S/M6641S" that satisfy both high throughput and highest sensitivity of 50nm.


Lasertec has commercialized Maskblanks inspection systems M6640S and M6641S (hereinafter, collectively, M6640S/41S) for the next generation semiconductor photo masks compatible with the design rule of 28nm and further. Lasertec starts to accept purchase orders for these systems this month.
Lasertec commercialized Maskblanks inspection systems, M6640/41, in 2007 and these systems have already been utilized for one hundred percent inspections at many mask blanks makers and for incoming inspections and process management in many mask shops. On the other hand, the circuit patterns on photo masks are being further miniaturized due to the delay of practical realization of EUV lithography and consequently the quality management and the quality improvement of the mask blanks by the inspection of the further high sensitivity is becoming a very urgent matter.
In the aim to satisfy such next generation needs, Lasertec has developed the new cutting-edge Mask Blanks inspection systems M6640S/41S applicable not only for the inspection of quartz substrates as high quality mask blanks but also for the inspection of various kinds of film forming processes and for defect inspection of resist films.
M6640S/41S have realized the sensitivity improvement for minute defects by developing new detection circuits for defect detection based on the platform of M6640. The new systems maintain the throughput as high as that of the conventional systems and with regard to the Mask Blanks for EUVL, defects of the multilayer and the absorber layer can be inspected with high sensitivity and the new systems are compatible with the Dual Pod.
Lasertec will keep contributing to the improvement of delivery quality of the next generation high quality Mask Blanks and to reformation of incoming inspection of Mask Blanks at mask shops and process management of mask manufacturing.

Key Features

  • The newest defect inspection systems that exert both the high detection sensitivity effectual for inspection of the next generation high quality mask blanks and the high throughput suitable for outgoing and incoming inspection at mass production facilities.
  • A new defect detection circuit specialized for the finest defects is employed utilizing a 63 multi beam scan method adopting a confocal optics that is the critical technology of MAGICS, a well established de facto standard tool in the industry of the mask blanks inspection.
  • The sensitivity for pinhole defects on MoSi2 layers and Chrome layers is dramatically improved and the selection of higher quality blanks becomes possible.
  • The cassette formation can be compatible with from multi stage cassettes for blanks makers to RSP and MRP for mask shops, and further to Dual pod for EUV.
  • M6641S is a product adaptable to Dense Scan Mode (higher sensitivity inspection mode) and to monitor pattern inspection of Line & Space, which exerts effectiveness in various kinds of process managements in mask shops.


  • Inspection of Quartz substrate, Chrome film, MoSi2 film, Half Tone film, EUV Mask Blanks (Multi Layer film, Absorber film) and Resist coated Mask Blanks.
  • Review of defects