Human Rights and Human Resources

Basic policy concerning support for workplace diversity and inclusion

Lasertec Group is a global operation and hires various talent in different countries and regions. We believe that human capital is the most important company resource and the driver of our growth. Based on this belief, we strive to provide a workplace that is both comfortable and challenging for diverse employees, and one that enables everyone to fully utilize their knowledge and skills.

Human rights policy

We have adopted a human rights policy. We are committed to adhering to this policy.

Diversity and inclusion

We do not engage in discrimination based on race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, ethnicity or national origin, disability, pregnancy, religion, political affiliation, union membership, covered veteran status, protected genetic information or marital status. We provide a reasonable accommodation for religious practices.

We actively hire both new recruits and mid-career workers and make no distinction between them when determining wages and promotion. At overseas subsidiaries, we actively promote locally hired employees to senior positions. We also exercise personnel transfers and exchanges between the headquarters and overseas subsidiaries. We actively engage in the hiring and promotion of female employees for both technical and administrative positions. At the headquarters, we encourage the employment of senior employees with abundant experience and knowledge by introducing a re-employment system for those reaching the retirement age of 60.

Work-life balance

We believe that maintaining a good work-life balance is crucial for the achievement of best performance and job satisfaction by employees. In addition to the flextime system provided over the years, we have newly introduced a telecommute system since the spread of new coronavirus infections. We strictly comply with the laws and regulations concerning the use of paid vacations by employees and promote their usage to increase the utility rate. We keep the increase of overtime hours in check. We also make a necessary accommodation for employees who return to work after taking a leave of absence for childbirth, childcare, or nursing care.

Health and safety

The health and safety of our employees is one of the top priority issues for us. We support our employees to detect early signs of illnesses and maintain good health. In addition to the general physical checkup provided annually for our employees at the headquarters, we pay for a re-examination for those who have found a medical risk at the checkup. We also pay for a more thorough medical checkup for employees at certain ages. For mental health, we conduct a stress check regularly to monitor the stress level of our employees to detect a sign of excessive stress. We offer the counselling of an occupational physician to those who have a request for it. At overseas subsidiaries, we provide employees with medical insurance and/or medical expense assistance and pay for their physical checkups, depending on the need of each subsidiary and their local practices. We are engaged in the efforts to prevent occupational accidents. Lasertec headquarters is certified ISO45001.

Education and training

Technology makes progress day by day. For us to keep developing cutting-edge products, it is imperative that we keep improving the knowledge and skills of our employees. While we provide education and training internally, we also have our employees actively participate in various types of training provided by external specialists and industry groups to enhance their abilities. For occupational safety and health, our employees attend the safety training provided by Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan to learn the safety standards of the industry. Because there are a growing number of products to be installed and maintained at overseas customer sites, we are increasing the number of field service engineers based at our overseas subsidiaries. We are actively trying to enhance the skills of these overseas engineers by training them at the headquarters as well as at each subsidiary to share the skills and knowhow of HQ engineers with them.


As part of our effort to increase the motivation of employees to drive the company's growth, we provide the following incentives for them:

  • Bonus linked to the company's financial performance
  • Employee stock ownership plan
  • Reward for in-house inventors

Outline of general corporate action plan compiled in accordance with the Act for Measures to Support the Development of the Next-Generation Children

Lasertec sets the goals of its action plan as follows:

Goal 1
Fostering a strong bond with employees and their families
(Examples of action: Maternity and childcare vacations, Lasertec Family Day event)
Goal 2
Social contribution for nurturing next-generation youths
(Examples of action: Support for students who are interested in pursuing manufacturing career)
Goal 3
Adopting diverse forms of work
(Examples of action: Telecommuting)


FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Regular employees (Group total) 332 375 448 536
∟ Female employees (ratio) 37 (11.1%) 39 (10.4%) 48 (10.7%) 58 (10.8%)
∟ Female managers (ratio) 8 (7.0%) 11 (9.2%) 11 (9.2%) 10 (9.0%)
Regular employees (Overseas) 100 121 160 208
∟ Locally hired employees (ratio) 99 (99.0%) 120 (99.2%) 156 (97.5%) 198 (95.2%)
Japan headquarters
FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Regular employees (Japan) 232 254 288 328
∟ Female employees (ratio) 20 (8.6%) 21 (8.3%) 25 (8.7%) 34 (10.2%)
∟ Female managers (ratio) 2 (2.3%) 2 (2.4%) 2 (2.4%) 2 (2.4%)
∟ Foreign nationals 2 4 4 7
∟ Employees with disability 1 1 1 2
∟ Employees re-hired after retirement 12 13 18 24
∟ Newly hired employees 30 31 47 49
∟ Turnover rate 2.37% 2.15% 3.94% 2.78%
∟ Childcare leaves 0 0 1 1
∟ Nursing care leaves 0 0 0 0
∟ Paid vacation utility rate 58.4% 58.8% 59.1% 56.30%