Environmental Management System

Lasertec has established an environmental management system based on ISO14001 at its headquarters in Japan, encouraging all of its employees to participate in environmental protection activities.

Environmental management system

We have instituted the Environment and Labor Committee as an organization to promote the company's engagement in environmental activities as well as in occupational health and safety activities. Some of the environmental initiatives we have adopted are as follows:

  • We set environmental goals based on the company's environmental policy after reviewing significant environmental aspects, regulatory requirements, other requirements from management perspective, and the needs and expectations of stakeholders. We then make an action plan that describes what actions we should take, what resources are necessary for the actions, who is in charge of the actions, when is their deadline, and how to evaluate the results.
  • We select the actions we take by analyzing the risks and opportunities relevant to us after reviewing the impacts we might cause on the environment and the impacts we might receive from the environment.
  • We do research on relevant laws, regulations and other requirements to compile a list of requirements we must comply with. We update the list when a relevant law is enacted or amended, or when we have constructed, added or modified a facility.
  • We assess and determine what aspects of our activities, products and services could have a significant impact on the environment in their lifecycle.
  • We post the records of our environmental activities on our corporate Intranet site to make them available for review by employees.

Initiatives for saving energy and resources

We are making efforts to reduce electricity use and waste from our activities to mitigate the environmental burdens of our business activities. Some of the initiatives we took recently are as follows: replacing light bulbs with LED lights for power saving, applying thermal insulation films to windows on the HQ building for higher air-conditioning efficiency; and digitizing documents for reduced paper use.

Reuse and recycle of products

We collect and refurbish used laser light sources and lamp modules, major components of our products, for reuse. We also source alternative parts to replace parts that have become obsolete in order to maximize the operational life of our products. Reusable packages are used for the transportation of products whenever it is possible.

Greening initiative

Greenery is planted on the roof of our HQ building.

Chemical substance control

We conduct risk assessments about chemical substances, although the usage of chemicals at our facilities is extremely small, and they are used and stored in a safe manner in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Descriptions concerning the handling and storage of chemical substances are posted on our Intranet site for employee awareness and education. Training is given on how to handle organic solvents and how to use gas masks to employees who need to use them. In response to the enactment of laws for tighter control of hazardous substances in some countries and regions, we are taking action as described below.

Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

We comply with the environmental laws and regulations in Japan and in countries to which our products are shipped in order to facilitate the elimination of hazardous substances, the reduction of waste, and the saving of energy and resources. We comply with RoHS Directive*1, WEEE*2, and REACH*3 when our products and components ship to Europe and with Chinese RoHS*4 for shipping to China.

  1. *1RoHS, which stands for Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment, is a directive to control the use of certain hazardous substances contained in electrical and electronic equipment in European Union.
  2. *2WEEE is an acronym of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, an EU directive on the control of electrical and electronic equipment waste.
  3. *3REACH is an acronym of Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals, a regulation in European Union.
  4. *4Chinese RoHS is a regulation of the Chinese government to control electrical and electronic equipment waste in China.