Policy concerning biodiversity

Policy concerning the protection of biodiversity

We adopt the following policy with the recognition that the protection of biodiversity is important for the realization of a sustainable society and for keeping the world healthy and rich.

  • We appreciate various gifts of nature brought by biodiversity and strive to protect biological resources and use them in a sustainable manner.
  • We monitor the impact of our business activities on biodiversity and put a system in place to minimize the impact.
  • We contribute to the protection of biodiversity by engaging in the development, manufacture, and sale of green products.
  • We educate our employees for better understanding and increased awareness about biodiversity.

Initiatives for the protection of biodiversity

  1. 1Measures against global warming

    We will reduce CO2 emissions from our products and business activities to prevent the impact of global warming on ecology.

  2. 2Promotion of circulating society

    We will promote 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) to reduce the final disposal of waste.

  3. 3Protection of water environment

    We will promote proper sewage treatment and eliminate hazardous substance disposal to protect the water environment.