Mask Inspection System



EUV mask inspection system for 7nm, 5nm and 3nm design node


  • Semiconductor mask inspection system designed for the latest 7nm, 5nm and 3nm technology nodes EUV and optical masks
  • 45nm pixel size, high power 213nm QCW laser (>400mW), and linear-polarized illumination mode enabling high sensitivity required to monitor yield critical mask defects of the leading-edge devices
  • Mask-to-Mask (MtM) inspection mode utilizing a whole mask pattern image saved during the first inspection as reference and monitor mask defects after wafer exposures
  • Compatible with dual pod for EUV reticles, RSP150 and 200 for optical
  • Fully automated inspection linked with overhead hoist transport (OHT)
  • Compact design with power supply and control unit integrated in the main body


  • Incoming and periodic quality assurance inspection of EUV and optical masks at wafer fabs
  • Outgoing inspection of EUV and optical masks at mask shops


Inspection mode Multi-Die Mode, Single-Die Mode, MtM Mode
Scan time 50min. per 100mm x 100mm area
Mask type EUV, Cr, MoSi, OMOG
Mask size 6 inch

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