Mask Blanks Inspection and Review System

MAGICS Series M9650/M9651

MAGICS Series M9650/M9651

Semiconductor mask blank inspection and review system for the cutting-edge technology node of 5nm and beyond



  • Latest model of advanced defect inspection system attaining both high sensitivity for the next-generation high-quality mask blank inspection and high throughput for incoming and outgoing inspection at production facilities
  • Introducing new inspection optics and adopting the high-speed inspection circuitry technology of our patterned mask inspection system while using the core technology of MAGICS, de facto standard mask blank inspection tool, as its base
  • Achieving significantly higher sensitivity not only for defects on substrates but also for defects on each layer of cutting-edge semiconductor mask blanks, thereby enabling the more stringent qualification of blanks
  • Compatible with multi-slot cassettes for blank manufacturers, RSP and MRP for mask shops, and dual pods for EUVL
  • M9651 is applicable to line & space monitor pattern inspection and offers an effective tool for various process management needs at mask shops.


  • Inspection of EUV mask blanks, optical mask blanks, and substrates
  • Defect review
  • Defect sizing

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