Lasertec releases new mask blank inspection and review systems MAGICS series M9650 and M9651


Mask Blank Inspection System designed for 5 nm technology node and beyond

Lasertec Corporation released M9650 and M9651 (collectively referred to as "M9650/51"), a new line of MAGICS series mask blank inspection and review system that meets the needs of cutting-edge semiconductor production. M9650/51 enables the high-sensitivity and high-throughput inspection of mask blanks in the technology node of 5nm and beyond.


MAGICS series mask blank inspection and review system has been recognized as a highly reputable de facto standard tool over many years. It is widely used for outgoing inspection at mask blank manufacturers and for incoming inspection and process management at mask shops. In the field of mask technology, various innovations have been made recently, such as the introduction of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) and new architecture masks, to enable further scaling in cutting-edge nodes. In this respect, it is imperative that mask blank inspection is conducted with better performance and functionality.

Lasertec has developed M9650/51, the latest line of MAGICS series system, to meet the needs of next-generation technology. It provides superior sensitivity performance in the inspection of EUV mask blanks, optical mask blanks, and their substrates. Using the core technology of MAGICS as its base, M9650/51 has adopted new inspection optics and the high-speed inspection circuitry technology of our patterned mask inspection system. As a result, it has achieved significantly higher sensitivity in the detection of small defects.

We have already received a number of customer inquiries and won multiple-unit orders for M9650/51.

Lasertec is dedicated to facilitating the quality assurance of next-generation high-end mask blanks as well as to improving incoming inspection and manufacturing process management at mask shops.

Key Features

  • Latest model of advanced defect inspection system attaining both high sensitivity for the next-generation high-quality mask blank inspection and high throughput for incoming and outgoing inspection at production facilities
  • Introducing new inspection optics and adopting the high-speed inspection circuitry technology of our patterned mask inspection system while using the core technology of MAGICS, de facto standard mask blank inspection tool, as its base
  • Achieving significantly higher sensitivity not only for defects on substrates but also for defects on each layer of cutting-edge semiconductor mask blanks, thereby enabling the more stringent qualification of blanks
  • Compatible with multi-slot cassettes for blank manufacturers, RSP and MRP for mask shops, and dual pods for EUVL
  • M9651 is applicable to line & space monitor pattern inspection and offers an effective tool for various process management needs at mask shops.


  • Inspection of EUV mask blanks, optical mask blanks, and substrates
  • Defect review
  • Defect sizing
  1. *1A "mask blank" is an unpatterned photomask (or mask).
  2. *2A "substrate" is a glass baseplate used to make a mask blank.