Mask Blanks Inspection and Review System

MAGICS Series M6750/M6751

MAGICS Series M6750/M6751

Mask blank inspection and review system detecting defects on photoresists with high sensitivity


  • MAGICS series model delivering high sensitivity required for high-quality mask blank inspection and high throughput suitable for outgoing and incoming inspection at production facilities
  • Multi-beam scanning method using 63 beams with confocal optics, the core technology of industry-standard MAGICS, combined with high S/N detection circuitry attuned to resist defects
  • High sensitivity to defects on resists, enabling high-level and speedy process improvement
  • M6751 can perform particle inspection on the latent image of patterns after writing or baking, in addition to line & space pattern inspection, providing an effective process management tool for mask shops
  • Compatible with a variety of cassettes including multiple-slot cassettes (for blank manufacturers), RSP, and MRP (both for mask shops)


  • Inspection of resist coated mask blanks, mask substrates, Cr films, MoSi films, halftone films, and masks with the latent image of patterns after writing or baking
  • Defect review

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