FPD Mask Blanks Inspection System

LBIS Series L852/L1052

LBIS Series L852/L1052

Major performance upgrade for enabling yield improvement in high-definition FPD photomask production



  • New high-power laser light scattering optical system for high sensitivity and high throughput inspection
  • Reflected-light differential interference contrast (DIC) optics and transmitted-light optics for high magnification defect review
  • New software for automated defect review and classification
  • Up to G8/G10-size mask blanks supported
  • Compatible with various assist arms


  • Outgoing or incoming inspection and review of quartz substrates (after cleaning or polishing)
  • Defect inspection and review after chromium or chromium oxide deposition
  • Defect inspection and review after resist coating


Detection sensitivity 0.3um (PSL on quartz substrate)
Inspection time 20 minutes per substrate (G8)
Review method Reflected light DIC and transmitted light (concurrent)

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