FPD Photomask Inspection System

CLIOS G834Advance

CLIOS G834Advance

Achieving significantly higher sensitivity for high-end FPD mask inspection



  • New optical system and autofocus mechanism achieving a maximum sensitivity of 0.3µm and up to more than 90% reduction in false defects
  • Newly developed algorithm detecting small contact hole defects and local critical dimension errors
  • Monitoring of critical dimension uniformity (optional function)
  • Auto defect image recording function enabling offline review
  • Ability to conduct Die to Die inspection and Die to Database inspection simultaneously (Combo mode)


  • Inspection during high-end FPD mask production and pre-shipping quality assurance inspection


Applicable mask size 800mm (W) x 520mm (H) ~ 1,550mm (W) x 1,300mm (H)
Maximum detection sensitivity 0.3µm (to be assured with Lasertec standard mask)
Scan speed 78mm per second (Normal), 156mm per second (Fast)
Outer dimensions 5,000mm (W) x 1,815mm (D) x 3,000mm (H)
Weight Approx. 8,500kg (not including rack)

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