Lasertec releases two new FPD photomask inspection systems: CLIOS G834Advance and CLIOS G800LITE


Lasertec Corporation today announced the release of CLIOS G834Advance, an inspection system for high-end FPD photomasks, and CLIOS G800LITE, an inspection system for middle-end FPD photomasks produced in large quantity.

Achieving significantly higher sensitivity for high-end FPD mask inspection

Enabling cost-effective inspection of middle-end FPD masks


In the flat panel display industry today, there has been an increase in demand for photomasks for organic LEDs (OLEDs) as the efforts to develop higher resolution panels for such applications as 5G smartphones, tablets, and large-sized TV sets begin in earnest. Especially for mobile applications, the panels need to have more TFT transistors per area to achieve higher energy efficiency and better image quality (higher contrast). Panel makers are adopting smaller contact holes and finer patterns for new panels. They have also introduced a shorter wavelength of light for the printing of patterns from photomasks to panels. In the area of leading-edge OLEDs, it is necessary to control defects and pattern dimensions more strictly to ensure high resolution and good image quality.

Lasertec has been providing FPD photomask inspection systems for more than 35 years, addressing the evolution of TV panel sizes and the ceaseless effort to increase resolution for mobile device panels over time. We have been launching new systems that meet market requirements in a timely manner, earning a strong reputation among customers. This time, we have successfully developed and launched two new models described below to meet the recent increase in market demand.

CLIOS G834Advance is a high-end FPD photomask inspection system that incorporates a new optical system and a newly developed image processing technique to significantly reduce false defects caused by vibrations of FPD photomask substrates and others while keeping the same inspection speed as its predecessor. It also uses a new TDI camera to capture clearer images, achieving a maximum sensitivity of 0.3µm, better than 0.35µm for the predecessor, to be suitable for the quality assurance of leading-edge photomasks.

CLIOS G800LITE, on the other hand, is designed as an inspection system for middle-end FPD masks produced in large quantity. It uses a single head for reduced cost, unlike its predecessor with dual heads. Equipped with a new optical system providing a wider scope of view and adopting a shorter wavelength of light for inspection, CLIOS G800LITE is a highly cost-effective system conducting inspection at about three times faster speed without sacrificing defect detection sensitivity.

Lasertec is dedicated to providing perfectly fit FPD photomask inspection systems from high-end to middle-end applications to meet market needs in the flat panel display industry, thereby contributing to the development and production of high-quality photomasks.


  • G834Advance delivers significantly higher sensitivity for high-end FPD photomask inspection.
  • G800LITE enables cost effective inspection suitable for middle-end FPD photomask inspection.
  • Customers can choose either system to fit their specific mask type or pattern type.


  • Inspection during FPD mask production and pre-shipping quality assurance inspection