HYBRID+ is customizable to meet your measurement/observation needs. We can propose a standard configuration with optional functions or, if necessary, we can design a custom-made unit for your specific application.


We propose a stage that best fits the need of your sample and application.

Manual stage

XY stroke 150mm × 150mm

Manual XY stage for basic model

Motorized stage

XY stroke 160mm × 160mm

The motorized stage is useful for performing image stitching and the continuous measurement of multiple points. It enhances the efficiency of operation.

Motorized stage with a measuring scale

XY stroke 160mm × 160mm

HYBRID+ has introduced a motorized stage with a measuring scale to enhance positioning accuracy and repeatablity. It allows users to perform image stitching with high reliability.

Motorized X-θ stage

θ rotation stage

HYBRID+ offers a motorized X-θ stage for your need to observe a sample while rotating it. It is useful, for example, when you have a cylindrically shaped sample.

Sample holders

We offer sample holders to help install HYBRID+ smoothly and keep it securely positioned.

Wafer holder

The wafer holder holds a wafer with vacuum force and maintains its flatness.

2 to 4-inch wafer holder
6-inch wafer holder
8- to 12-inch wafer holder

Electrostatic holder

The electrostatic holder holds a sample with electrostatic force. It is useful for holding a thin and soft sample such as paper, film, and metal foil.

Tilt holder

The tilt holder is a holder with a mechanism to tilt a sample about X and Y axes for positioning correction.

Large stages, special stages

We offer various types of stages to meet your needs about stage size, stroke, sample holder, automated transfer and others.

XY stroke 300mm × 300mm
Gate pier type
XY stroke 800mm × 1,000mm
Ganty type
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