Measurement support functions


This is a function to create an image with an extended field of view by stitching multiple images together. It enables you to create an image showing the entire picture of a sample that is too big to fit in a single field of view. By combining this patchwork function with the high-speed wide-field-of-view measurement of HYBRID+, you can create an image with a wide angle of view in a short time.

HYBRID+ has a large FOV, and its measurement time per FOV is short. HYBRID+ creates a large FOV image in about 1/6 of the time required for a typical laser microscope to create the same image.

Standard CLSM patch work HYBRID+ patch work 3D image

Automatic adjustment of height measurement range

In patchwork, HYBRID+ automatically detects height changes within FOV and optimizes its measurement range by skipping the area where measurement is not necessary.

Height measurement range

High-resolution measurement with a wide field of view

When you use a high-magnification lens, your FOV becomes small. By using the patchwork function, you can perform measurement with a wide field of view while keeping the same level of spatial resolution.

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