Lineup of objective lenses

HYBRID+ offers a variety of objective lenses including a specially-designed low-magnification, high-NA lens, and 45mm and 60mm parfocal lenses. You can choose a lens that best fits the need of your application.

Low-magnification, high-NA lens designed for HYBRID+

Lasertec has developed a special high-NA lens that, despite being a low-magnification lens with a wide field of view, achieves high-precision measurement comparable to the performance of high-magnification lenses.

Lineup of high-NA objective lenses
Lineup of high-NA objective lenses

Objective lens lineup

In addition to the special low-magnification high-NA lens, we offer various other objective lenses, including high-magnification lenses, long working-distance lenses, and interference measurement lenses, to meet your measurement and observation needs. We also have a special adopter that allows different types of parfocal lenses to be used together on HYBRID+.

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