Light source

HYBRID+ has two types of light source, laser and white light.

Laser light source

HYBRID+ uses a semiconductor laser with violet beams whose wavelength is at the shortest end of the visible spectrum. The violet laser emits monochromatic and high energy density beams. It enables high-magnification, high-contrast imaging.

White light source

You can choose either a LED light or a xenon lamp for the white light souce to suit the need of your application.

LED light source

The LED light source is long-lasting and stable. It shows superior performance in repeatability.

LED light source unit
LED light source unit

Xenon lamp light source

The xenon lamp light souce emits light beams having a spectrum that closely resembles that of the sun light. It can be used for various measurement options. It enables natural color imaging.

Lamp housing (xenon lamp light source)
Lamp housing (xenon lamp light source)

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