Meeting industry-leading specifications and achieving high precision

High-speed measurement

HYBRID+ achieves industry-leading measurement speed (with frame rates between 15Hz and 120Hz) and finishes tasks in 1/4 of the time required by a typical laser microscope. This high-speed measurement capability is especially useful for performing such tasks as image stitching, high-speed automated measurement, automated defect inspection, and high-speed moving image observation. As shown below, the measurement time is determined by height measurement range, scan resolution, and frame rate. With a higher frame rate, sample images are captured at shorter intervals, and this means that smaller changes occurring in the sample are recorded more clearly. It is also worth noting that, with a higher frame rate, measurement will finish in a shorter time.

Measurement time = height measurement range ÷ scan resolution ÷ frame rate

Because of its high frame rate, HYBRID+ can perform tasks in a shorter time. Since its field of view follows the stage movement at all times, users will find it less stressful to search for the points of interest for measurement.

1/4 measurement time of Standard CLSM
example: 10μm ÷ 0.1μm ÷ 15Hz = 6.67sec

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