HYBRID+ incorporates various features in hardware design for superior usability and performance as a profile measurement tool.


HYBRID+ has two light sources - white light and violet laser - to meet various measurement needs. You can make a light source selection with a single click of mouse.


HYBRID+ has a photodetector for each of RGB colors. The photodetectors work independently and simultaneously, and you can select the best RGB channel that suits the optical property of your sample.


HYBRID+ has 0.5nm-scale height resolution and achieves industry-leading precision in height measuriement.


HYBRID+ has adopted a high-rigidity low-COG design for its body, achieving high stability and mitigating the effect of external vibrations and noise. This allows HYBRID+ to perform reliably in your operating environment.


HYBRID+ has a built-in anti-vibration mechanism at the base and offers reliable measurement performance without using an anti-vibration table.

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