Chairman of the Board of Directors, Haruhiko Kusunose

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Haruhiko Kusunose
October 26, 1958
Apr. 1995 Joined Lasertec Corporation
Jan. 1998 General Manager, Technology Department II
Mar. 2001 General Manager, Engineering Department II
Sept. 2001 Director
Sept. 2003 Managing Director
General Manager, R&D Department
July 2005 General Manager, Technical Activities Promotion Office
July 2006 General Manager, Operation Division I and General Manager, Semiconductor Group I
Sept. 2007 Director and Managing Executive Officer
July 2009 Chief Technology Officer (current)
Sept. 2009 Executive Vice President & Representative Director
Apr. 2012 Director, Lasertec U.S.A., Inc. (current)
July 2012 Director, Lasertec Korea Corporation (current)
Director, Lasertec Taiwan, Inc. (current)
July 2014 General Manager, Marketing Department
Dec. 2014 General Manager, Advanced Technology Development Office (current)
June 2017 Director, Lasertec China Co., Ltd. (current)
Nov. 2019 Director, Lasertec Singapore Service Pte. Ltd. (current)
Aug. 2021 Chairman of the Board of Directors (current)