Changing the Font Size

Our site features a button to change the font size. You can make the font bigger by pressing the large A button and smaller by pressing the small A button.


  • *You can also change the font size by changing the settings in your browser.
  • *The size of text embedded in pictures will not change.


Searching within the Site

Search for documents within the site by entering a keyword or phrase into the search box on the home page or at the top of each page.

Understanding Search Results

Handy Features

If you start entering a keyword or phrase into the search box, the search box will suggest keywords close to your original term.

Breadcrumb Navigation

The links showing the hierarchical structure of a website are called "breadcrumb navigation" and are used on every page of our site.
You will see these links in the top left corner of every page, showing the different levels between the homepage and your current location. Skip directly to your level of choice by clicking on these links.

Link Icons

This site uses different icons for links with different properties.

Open in a new window
This icon indicates that the link will open in a new window, leaving your current page open. It is mainly used when linking to an external website, like the homepage of another company or a related website.
PDF link
This icon shows that the link links to a PDF document.
Download data
This icon mainly indicates that the link links to compressed data. You can download several files at once.
Video link
This icon shows that the link links to a video.


We explain some of the technical terms associated with our products.

See the glossary

The Investor Relations Information Page

Changing Language Settings

Click on the "for English" button to view the IR pages in English. It will automatically take you to the English section.

Navigating the Page

Using the Stock Price Chart