Lasertec Launches New Maskblanks Inspection System MAGICS Series M8350/M8351


A new line of mask blank inspection system for the technology nodes of 14nm through 7nm

Lasertec Corporation today announced MAGICS series M8350/M8351 ("M8350/51"), a new line of mask blank inspection system that meets the requirement of next-generation semiconductor photomasks at the technology nodes of 14nm through 7nm.


The progress of photolithography is continuing while commercial application of EUV lithography is delayed. With photomasks being used for more advanced ICs, the quality of mask blanks must also be enhanced to meet the progress. An inspection system with higher sensitivity is crucial in this respect.

Newest in MAGICS series, M8350/51 is designed to meet next-generation inspection needs with high sensitivity suitable for such applications as inspection of quartz substrates for high-end blanks, inspection at various deposition processes, and inspection of resist-coated blanks.

Drawing on the core technology of MAGICS series, M8350/51 has achieved enhanced sensitivity by featuring a new 355nm laser light source as well as by incorporating state-of-the-art inspection optics and detection circuitry. With maximum sensitivity of 35nm, M8350/51 has a significantly higher defect detection capability than previous models.

M8350/51 has already attracted inquiries from potential customers, to whom Lasertec plans to deliver multiple units in 2014. Lasertec is determined to contribute to quality enhancement of next-generation high-end mask blanks as well as to improvement of incoming inspection and process management at mask shops.

Key Features

  • M8350/51 is one of the most advanced inspection systems featuring both high sensitivity suitable for next-generation mask blank inspection and high throughput necessary for outgoing and incoming inspection at production sites.
  • A new detection circuitry attuned to extremely small defects is incorporated into 31-beam scan confocal optics, one of the core technologies used on de facto standard of mask blank inspection systems, MAGICS.
  • Blank qualification capability is enhanced thanks to significantly higher sensitivity to defects not only on quartz substrates but also on state-of-the-art mask blanks for MoSi binary masks and phase-shift masks.
  • The system accommodates multi-slot cassettes required by blank manufacturers and RSP, MRP and EUVL dual pod cassettes used at mask shops.
  • M8351 meets the requirement of line & space monitor pattern inspection, offering a useful tool for managing various processes at mask shops.


  • Inspection of quartz substrates, Cr layers, MoSi layers, half tone layers, EUV mask blanks (multilayer and absorber) and resist-coated blanks
  • Defect reviews
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