Lasertec Receives ”BACUS Prize” and “Best Paper Presentation Award” at SPIE Photomask Technology + EUVL Exhibition 2023


Yokohama, Japan, November 8, 2023 - Lasertec Corporation received two prizes at SPIE Photomask Technology + EUVL Exhibition 2023, an international conference on photomask technology and EUV lithography held in Monterey, California, from October 1 to 5, 2023, as follows.

Awarded to Haruhiko Kusunose, Director and Chairman & Executive Officer, Lasertec Corporation (Japan) in recognition of “The enablement of EUV mask inspection using 193nm optical inspection system”

The BACUS prize is awarded to recognize outstanding contributions to the photomask industry. Haruhiko Kusunose, Director and Chairman & Executive Officer of Lasertec Corporation, was named the recipient this year for the contributions made to the progress of EUV mask inspection by the MATRICS X9 ULTRA series inspection system using a 193nm laser light source. It was the third time for a Japanese national to receive the prize and the second time for an individual representing Lasertec to do so. In 2018, another Lasertec representative received the prize for the contributions made by the actinic EUV mask blank inspection and review system.

Best Paper Presentation Award
For the presentation titled “Actinic pattern mask inspection for high-NA EUV lithography” authored by Toshiyuki Todoroki, Kou Gondaira, Lasertec Corporation (Japan), Arosha Goonesekera, Lasertec USA Inc. (United States), and Hiroki Miyai, Lasertec Corporation (Japan)

This prize is awarded to the top three outstanding presentations given at the conference. Toshiyuki Todoroki, a staff engineer at Lasertec Corporation, is named the first place winner for his presentation on the actinic patterned mask inspection system for the next-generation high-NA EUV lithography.

At this occasion, Lasertec would like to reiterate its resolve to develop unique solutions that address customer needs and contribute to the advancement of the semiconductor industry.