Lasertec Corporation (hereinafter “Lasertec”) strongly recognizes the importance of personal information of each customer and regards it our social responsibility to appropriately handle and most strictly protect personal information presented to us by our customer.
In this page, Lasertec explains how we handle personal information presented by our customer on Lasertec’s website (hereinafter “the website”) accessed by the URL

Personal Information

Personal Information is such information as name, address, date of birth, telephone number, email address and so on, which could identify a particular customer.

Personal information provided by customer

Customer can utilize almost all the services available on this website even if customer does not provide personal information. Also, please be ascertained that customer is free to refuse providing personal information on customer’s own judgment in such case that customer does not want to provide personal information. However, please be informed that there is a case that customer cannot utilize certain services when customer does not provide us with her or his personal information.
Lasertec shall clearly specify purposes in advance when Lasertec asks customer to provide personal information and Lasertec shall ask customer to provide personal information only to such extent that the said purposes can be accomplished.

Utilization of personal information

Personal information provided by customer shall not be used except the following purposes in addition to a procedure to contact customer.

  • Announcement of new products and services
  • Announcement of various campaigns, exhibitions and seminars
  • Request to fill in or respond to questionnaires
  • Lasertec’s response to inquiry of customer regarding Lasertec’s products and services
  • As basic data when Lasertec makes Marketing Statistics
  • Notification to customer regarding change or revision of privacy policy and other policies, and customer’s inquiries
  • Lasertec’s response to general request and such by customer

In such case that it becomes necessary to utilize personal information of customer exceeding the scope of purposes specified by Lasertec when Lasertec received personal information of customer, Lasertec shall inform customer those particular purposes. If customer does not agree to the new particular purpose announced by Lasertec, customer shall have the right to refuse providing personal information in regard to such particular purposes.

About Non-Disclosure of personal information to third parties

Lasertec shall not disclose personal information provided by customer to any third party with exception of any one of the cases described below.

  • Customer agrees to a particular disclosure
  • Lasertec discloses personal information, to necessary extent, to its affiliates or entities to which Lasertec consigns business under Non Disclosure Agreement between Lasertec and such affiliates or entities, in the aim to fulfill the purposes that Lasertec has clearly specified to customers.
  • Lasertec utilizes personal information as statistical data after processing all the personal information to such extent that all the personal information will not be identified individually.
  • Lasertec is ordered to disclose personal information by Government laws or regulations.
  • Lasertec discloses personal information due to emergent necessity to protect crucial benefit or asset such as human life, human body, wealth and so on.

Control of personal information

Lasertec controls and manages personal information provided by customers in appropriate and cautious manner and takes necessary and adequate measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, missing or loss of personal information, destruction, falsification, divulgation and such.

Verification, correction, deletion and such of personal information

In case that customer herself/himself wishes to verify, correct or delete personal information provided by customer, please contact Lasertec’s information desk for customer. Lasertec will respond to customer’s request to reasonable extent only after being able to confirm that the person who made contact is the customer herself/himself to prevent falsification of personal information by a third person.


Cookie is a function that enables to transfer small file data from our web server to the browser and hard disk of customer’s and the contents of the file data can be easily observed at customer’s site. When you use Cookie, the server will memorize information regarding a certain site of customer and customer would be able to make web usage more beneficially. Usage of Cookie is becoming now a standard in the industry and Cookie is being used at many sites in the aim to provide customers with more beneficial functions. Please be informed that Cookie does not have a function to identify individual customer.

Standpoint of Lasertec

Lasertec complies with laws and codes of Japanese Government, regarding protection of customer’s personal information, and at the same time will work on continuous improvement by revising the contents of this page with a proper interval.

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