Lasertec releases MZ100 Mask Edge Inspection System


Mask edge inspection system for EUV and DUV masks

Lasertec Corporation today announced the release of MZ100, a photomask edge inspection system that contributes to quality enhancement and yield improvement in the production of leading-edge semiconductor photomasks.


The newly released MZ100 is a mask edge inspection system that enables the high-sensitivity inspection, review, and measurement of the edge region of EUV and DUV photomasks.

Because of the continuous growth of IC chip market driven by 5G, high-performance computing and other applications, semiconductor device manufacturers are expected to keep increasing device performance by pursuing the further scaling of IC designs. Amid this trend, the manufacturers of mask blanks and photomasks are also expected to keep improving the quality of photomasks to meet the need of leading-edge semiconductor device production.

MZ100 enables manufacturers to conduct defect inspection and process metrics control on the side face and bevel sections of mask edge, for which no inspection or control has hitherto been available, thereby helping them achieve higher yields and better quality.

Lasertec has succeeded in developing this mask edge inspection system by combining its core expertise in confocal optics, inspection and mask handling technologies accumulated through the development of advanced photomask inspection systems, and the optics-driving mechanism of its EZ300 wafer edge inspection system. Lasertec is dedicated to addressing the needs of leading-edge semiconductor manufacturers and contributing to yield improvement and quality enhancement in the photomask manufacturing process.

Key Features

  • Capability to inspect EUV and DUV photomasks for leading-edge semiconductors
  • Confocal optics delivering high-sensitivity inspection and high-precision measurement
  • Capability to inspect mask edge region (side face and bevel sections)


  • EUV and DUV photomask edge inspection
  • Defect review
  • Defect size and height measurement
  • Monitoring of various process metrics