Lasertec releases CIRIUS Series High Sensitivity Under-layer Defect Inspection and Review System


CIRIUS 250×250.png

A high-sensitivity under-layer defect inspection and review system that addresses the needs arising from the progress of three-dimensional IC chip manufacturing

Lasertec announced the release of the CIRIUS series, a high sensitivity under-layer defect inspection and review system.


Chipmakers are increasing the number of layers in 3D NAND and others in parallel with the efforts of design node shrinkage. In the midst of this trend, it has become a significant challenge to address the issue of defects that occur underneath the layers of IC chips.

CIRIUS uses Lasertec’s proprietary optical technology to perform the inspection of under-layer defects with high sensitivity. It also provides the defect review capability to capture depth information and use it for defect classification. CIRIUS enables the non-destructive inspection and review of under-layer defects, a capability not available with existing inspection tools, and is expected to facilitate process improvements at an early stage and production cost savings.

Lasertec will continue to support the needs of leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing processes and contribute to the efforts of quality and yield enhancement.

Key Features

  • Proprietary optics enabling high sensitivity under-layer defect inspection
  • Review optics capturing depth information for accurate defect classification
  • High-throughput inspection


  • High sensitivity under-layer defect inspection for 3D NAND and other highly layered IC devices
  • High sensitivity under-layer defect inspection for bonded wafers