Lasertec Releases VIANCA Series Via Depth Measurement System


Measuring the depth of small-diameter, high-aspect-ratio vias
for 3D / 2.5D / Hybrid bonding packaging processes

Lasertec announced the release of VIANCA series, a via depth measurement system.


As the progress of AI technology drives the need for better performing graphic processing units (GPUs) today, the high-bandwidth memories (HBMs) used on them are also expected to achieve higher performance and smaller geometries. Amid this trend, TSVs used in HBMs need to adopt smaller diameters and higher aspect ratios, but it poses a big challenge for device manufacturers.

VIANCA series uses Lasertec’s proprietary optics to measure the depth of small-diameter, high-aspect-ratio TSVs, a task previously impossible with other existing optics. It can also measure copper height during the redistribution layer (RDL) process as well as other key metrics that need to be controlled during HBM production.

As a company dedicated to addressing customer needs, Lasertec will keep contributing to process quality enhancement and yield improvement for leading-edge semiconductor production.


  • Lasertec’s proprietary optics enabling the measurement of the depth of small-diameter, high-aspect-ratio TSVs
  • Supporting next-generation TSV architectures


  • Depth measurement after via etching
  • Copper recess level control for hybrid bonding
  • Height measurement after copper pillar revealing and during bump formation