Q. Why did you choose Lasertec for your company name?

A. In 1986, we successfully launched the world's first color laser scanning microscope and started to expand our business from semiconductor to more diverse fields. In the same year, we changed our company name from NJS Corporation to Lasertec Corporation. By adopting the new name, we clearly identified ourselves with our core technology - applied optics. Even though NJS was a well-recognized high-tech venture and widely known in the semiconductor industry as a pioneer of LSI photomask inspection system, we nonetheless shed the old name, believing that we should not be content with our success in the past. It is our determination that we always look ahead and develop new products based on leading-edge technologies.

Q. Tell us about your corporate philosophy.

A. "Create unique solutions. Create new value." (English translation of our corporate philosophy) We provide solutions for our customer's challenges through rapid development of one-of-a kind products best suited for their needs based on our core technology, applied optics.

Corporate Philosophy

Q. Tell us about your business.

A. We are engaged in development, manufacture, sale and service of inspection and metrology systems for semiconductor applications as well as for flat panel display, photovoltaic cell and lithium ion battery applications. Laser microscope is another area of business.

Q. Tell us about your competitive edge.

A. The ability to rapidly launch new products based on our expertise in applied optics is our best competitive edge. We outsource production to fabrication specialists who have high manufacturing skills. This fablite strategy enables us to focus on product development effort while retaining manufacturing know-how internally.

Q. Tell us about your dividend policy.

A. Our dividend policy is to flexibly pay dividends based on performance while maintaining a stable profit return, with a consolidated dividend payout ratio guideline of 35%.

Dividends and shareholder benefits