Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy

1. Global niche

We enter into a market where we can enjoy strong competitive advantage over other companies and where customers look for high value solutions. There, we strive to achieve a 100% market share. We are in close communication with global leading companies in the semiconductor industry and have successfully established a solid relationship with them.

2. Rapid product development

We are providing solutions to our customer's existing and potential needs ahead of anyone else. We keep a flat and flexible organization that allows us to make a swift decision about new project launch. We form a project team with engineers from various specialties. This is how we engage in rapid product development.

3. Fab-lite

We outsource production to third parties. This allows us to keep our capital expenditures low while making our organization quickly adaptable to a changing environment. Seventy percent of our workforce is engineers. We spend 10% of our annual sales in research and development. We concentrate the allocation of resources on product development so that we can keep launching new products. We assemble prototypes in-house to make sure our product design is good for manufacturing.

Medium Term Business Plan

Our current medium-term business plan spans a total period of 15 years. In Phase 3+ (plus), a 3-year segment starting July 2021 (from FY2022 to FY2024), we will focus on the efforts described below.

During Phase 3+, demand for semiconductors is expected to increase even further as their scope of application widens with the spread of such innovations as Internet of Things (IoT), data centers, artificial intelligence (AI), and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS). Under these circumstances, we will step up the effort to strengthen our corporate infrastructure, which we started in Phase 3, in order to capture medium- to long-term growth opportunities to the maximum extent possible.

Two areas of focus

  1. 1Strengthen corporate infrastructure

    We will strengthen our entire business operation to meet customer needs.

    • Strenghthen our R&D and product installation capabilities to provide cutting-edge solutions and unique value.
    • Strengthen our supply chain to meet demand for products.
    • Strengthen our global service infrastructure to ensure reliable product operation for customers.
  2. 2Pursue growth opportunities

    We will engage in the development of next-generation solutions to meet the need of customers who are looking ahead to the future. We will keep looking for applications where our strengths can be best utilized to contribute to the customers' businesses and keep creating new value in order to achieve growth in the medium to long term.

Corporate Philosophy, Mission & Vision