Our Company Name

1986 Old corporate office building before relocation

In 1986, NJS Corporation was renamed Lasertec Corporation

NJS is an abbreviation of Nihon Jido Seigyo or "Japan Automatic Control" in English translation. The company was established in the early 1960s, and this name was chosen to express our determination to keep ourselves engaged in cutting-edge technology development all the time. Back then, automatic control was a keyword of cutting-edge technology as transistors were coming to be widely used as electronic circuit devices. With this corporate identity, we succeeded in developing an LSI photomask inspection system. The success made NJS widely known in the semiconductor industry and synonymous with a high-tech venture in Japan.

Years later, we decided to shed the old name despite our fame because we wanted to show our determination once again to keep focusing on the development of cutting-edge technology products without looking back at our past success. We chose "Lasertec" for our new company name because we recognized that all of our products at that time used laser technology (applied optical technology).