World's first systems

World's first systems

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Actinic EUV Patterned Mask Inspection System

Lasertec developed the world's first actinic (meaning the use of 13.5nm extreme ultraviolet, the wavelength of EUV lithography) EUV patterned mask inspection system and released it in 2019. This system is capable of performing inspection with higher sensitivity than previously possible and detecting defects unique to patterned EUV masks. It is making a significant contribution to the progress of EUV lithography.


EUV Mask Blanks Inspection and Review System

In 2017, Lasertec released the world's first extreme ultraviolet (EUV) mask blank inspection and review system using the 13.5nm wavelength of EUV light. EUV lithography is expected to achieve the dramatic miniaturization of semiconductor patterns crucial for rapid progress of semiconductor devices. Lasertec has developed the EUV mask blank inspection and review system to facilitate the commercial application of EUV lithography. The system detects extremely small defects buried inside the multilayer of EUV masks before patterns are printed on them. It is expected to make significant contributions in the defect management and yield improvement of EUV mask blanks.


Electro-Chemical Reaction Visualizing Confocal System

Lasertec developed and released ECCS in 2012. It is the only system in the world that visualizes electrochemical reactions occurring inside lithium ion batteries. Lithium ion batteries are used as the power source of electric vehicles and in various other applications. In the past, the method commonly used to evaluate the performance of a lithium ion battery was the measurement of its charge/discharge curves. There were no tools to visualize electrochemical reactions inside a sealed battery. ECCS brought a revolutionary change by enabling the real-time observation of electrochemical reactions inside a battery being charged or discharged. It provides high-definition color moving images that visualize reactions not only on the surface of electrodes but also on their cross sections. ECCS is helping the efforts of R&D, material property improvement, and quality enhancement to accelerate the realization of better and safer lithium ion batteries.


Phase Shift Measurement System

We developed and launched the world's first phase shift measurement system in 1993. MPM100, its successor launched in 1994, received a high accolade in the market for its capability to measure phase shift in the 365nm (i line) wavelength of exposure light widely used at the time. It became the industry's de facto standard tool within a short time.


Color Laser Scanning Microscope

We developed and launched the world's first color laser scanning microscope in 1985. With this success, we started exploring new business development in non-semiconductor fields. As one of our main businesses today, our microscopes play an important role of finding potential customer needs and new business opportunities.


LSI Photomask Inspection System

We successfully developed and launched the world's first LSI photomask inspection system in 1976.

This automated photomask inspection system replaced labor-intensive visual inspection with human eyes at semiconductor factories. It brought a significant reduction in inspection speed and a dramatic improvement in defect detection sensitivity. It also gave us global fame.

Since then, we have renewed the system design and launched a new photomask inspection system as MATRICS Series, which is now contributing to yield improvement at leading-edge semiconductor factories.


LSI Photomask pinhole inspection system

We entered the semiconductor industry business for the first time with this system. It is designed to inspect the pinhole of photomasks. We gained the expertise of auto focus technology through this success.