Analyst Coverage

The following is a list of analysts at securities firms and research institutions who provide analysis of our performance and make recommendations and comments on our stock.

Company name (in alphabetic order) Analyst name
Aletheia Capital Warren Lau
BofA Securities Japan Mikio Hirakawa
Citigroup Global Markets Japan Masahiro Shibano
CLSA Securities Japan Yu Yoshida
Goldman Sachs Japan Shuhei Nakamura
Haitong International Securities Eugene Hsiao
Ichiyoshi Research Institute Mitsuhiro Osawa
IwaiCosmo Securities Kazuyoshi Saito
Jefferies Japan Masahiro Nakanomyo
JPMorgan Securities Japan Mio Shikanai
Macquarie Capital Securities (Japan) Damian Thong
Marusan Securities Yusuke Matsuura
Mito Securities Yoichiro Watanabe
Mizuho Securities Yoshitsugu Yamamoto
Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Tetsuya Wadaki
Rakuten Securities Yasuo Imanaka
SMBC Nikko Securities Takeru Hanaya
Tachibana Securities Tsunenori Ohmaki
UBS Securities Sean Park
  • *This list is compiled based on the information available to us as of the latest web page renewal. It may not be a complete list of analysts covering Lasertec and may not be up to date.
  • *The list is provided for the purpose of introducing analysts covering Lasertec to investors, and it is not intended to be any solicitation or recommendation of stock purchase or sale. Opinions and forecasts made by analysts concerning our performance and others are theirs alone, and we do not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of forecasts, opinions, recommendations or any other information they provide.