Semiconductor-related Inspection Systems

Lasertec manufactures unique inspection and measurement systems that incorporate the cutting-edge technologies of applied optics and offers them to customers worldwide. Our core business is the manufacture and sale of semiconductor-related inspection equipment.

Ubiquitous semiconductor devices

Semiconductor devices are used in almost every electronic device and industrial product around us today. Their applications span a wide range of areas, from consumer products such as smartphones, PCs, TVs, and air-conditioning systems, to cars and trains, and to credit cards and digital currencies.

Lasertec plays an important role behind the scenes

Semiconductor devices are manufactured using photomasks, which serve as the source of original patterns for integrated circuits. Lasertec's inspection systems are designed to optically inspect photomasks and their pre-patterned substrates called mask blanks.

Mask to Semiconductor Device

As electronic devices become more downsized and better performing, more masks are required.

Size of defects detected by Lasertec's inspection systems

Semiconductor devices will be used in greater numbers.

The expansion of these four areas will dramatically increase the demand for semiconductor devices. ·Logic devices for calculation and image processing ·Image sensors for light sensing and imaging ·Memories for data storage ·Power devices for optimal power conversion and control

As the scope of semiconductor application expands and the demand for semiconductor devices increases, inspection systems will be required in greater numbers. Lasertec will offer the cutting-edge technologies of inspection and metrology to meet the requirement and contribute to society.